Catching Up in the Archive

As part of the long-term collaboration between de Appel and artist/researcher Mariana Lanari, the exhibition Catching Up in the Archive will present Lanari's ongoing research into archival infrastructures and the mediation between physical and digital libraries. Through a site-specific display of the extensive archive* of de Appel in the spacious Aula of the Broedplaats Lely, the exhibition will incite visitors to (re)discover the archive with fresh and mindful eyes.

Catching Up in the Archive will animate a two months-long public programme of lectures, workshops, and intimate archive gatherings that engage with de Appel's collection and reflect on the actuality of digital, and physical art archives as critical sites of knowledge production. The exhibition will also launch the implementation process of digital technologies by Archival Consciousness (Mariana Lanari, Remco van Bladel) on the entire archive of de Appel.

* the Archive of de Appel consists of: 13.188 books, 3.043 magazines, 469 videos and films, 266 audio recordings, 221 posters, 191 artworks, 113 articles and innumerable photographs, official and personal documents, made in collaborations with 29.682 people, 945 collectives, and 4.134 institutes from 68 countries.