Curatorial Programme
Curatorial Programme

Values & Evolution

With Monika Szewczyk’s leadership, de Appel redoubles its investment in the Curatorial Programme (CP), understanding the unique values of this 25-year strong endeavour to be:

- full integration inside de Appel’s distinctive three-part institutional structure (Archive, Curatorial Programme, Education Initiatives)

- access to a strong network of diverse, visionary and agile practitioners in the field of exhibition making and institution building, shaped by our alumni and advisors.

- the opportunity for 6 highly-motivated individuals from distinct social and cultural contexts to come together, collaborate and find ways to learn from each other and from leaders in their chosen field

- the responsibility for shaping de Appel’s Public Offering in Spring – and therefore the very DNA of our experimental institution

- our free-thinking, hands-on approach – highly aware of, connected to, but also distinct from all academic programmes – readies participants for the future of the field

- The focus of the CP currently shifts:

from temporary projects to timely programming
from institutional critique to institutional technique
from questions of ‘the curatorial’ to questions of broadening public access to art

Core Principles for Curriculum Formation

Grounding in our neighbourhood, in Amsterdam & the region as well as in each destination where CP participants travel

Resourcefulness in all endeavors, shifting attention to emergent economic and ecological strategies, including strategies voiced and practiced by indigenous communities, social reformers and cultural practitioners (though also many others) and that move beyond extractive and destructive production

Alliance with artists through greater involvement of artists in the curriculum, to re-examine (improve) habits of studio visits, commissioning, thematic framing and mediation

Rethinking collections with the lessons of recent forays into de Appel’s archive and the Collection (Unintended), we move to consider broader redefinitions of cultural property in public and private hands

Poetry as policy, or using language (in internal and external communication) with precision and sensitivity, without jargon

de Appel’s Curatorial Programme is supported by the Stichting Hartwig Foundation.