Through its educational programme, de Appel aims to create nonhierarchical modes of dialogue between people, objects, and ideas, and to stimulate different forms of learning. This method of learning is ideally always in a state of becoming, and prioritizes sharing and collaboration in its process. Individual programmes frequently utilize different learning environments to generate new forms of exchange, stimulate critical thinking, and produce knowledge through contemporary art and culture.

Schools and Community

Visit de Appel in group or with your school and learn from its exhibitions and archive through poetry, storytelling, movement or dance workshops. Each of the artist-led-workshops are related to key themes of de Appel’s exhibitions programme, and stimulate learning about contemporary art and critical thinking about our society today.

Our specific location has played an important role in developing our current education initiatives. Because of this, for the past years de Appel has been working together with three schools:


Comenius Lyceum
High school for 12-18 year olds

a primary school, for ages 4-12year olds

Kentalis/Signis school
Primary school for deaf and hard of hearing children from 4 until 12 year old.

If you are interested in a long-term and sustainable collaboration between your school and de Appel, that stimulates learning through artistic practices please contact educatie [​at​]


Our specific location has played an important role in developing our current education initiatives, and because of this de Appel works for the past years together with the following neighbourhood organisations:

Textile studio De Draad

Het Anker

Ru Paré Community

The Beach

Vrouw en Vaart

Take Part