Exhibition through November 21
FALL 2021 FOCUS EXHIBITION De Appel is honoured to present the first solo exhibition of Lydia Ourahmane (1992, Algeria) in the Netherlands. Survival in the afterlife is part of the Consortium Commissions, initiated by Mophradat, and presented by de Appel in partnership with Portikus, Frankfurt. 21 September - 23 November 2021
The new publication 'Drafting futures, remembering a building' by Rosa te Velde explores, connects and recalls the many lives of one building in Amsterdam Nieuw-West over the span of more than sixty years. Plans for the future are constantly made and unmade – what will this place become? How does this building help to understand the ideologies behind city planning, segregation and gentrification?
2020 Keynote
Watch and listen to Darby English's 2020 Keynote: The King's Two Bodies, held at de Oude Lutherse Kerk on January 13th, 2020.
Exhibition through July 25
*A formation camp is an anarchist tradition whereby different groups convene every summer to draw ideological blueprints of worlds that are already possible. As a rendering in time and space of our own work in de Appel’s Curatorial Programme 2020/2021, this public offering will host diverse interventions attuned to a common aspiration of making and thinking with community.
Exhibition through July 04
Love songs for the savages, or “Kundiman para sa mga salbahe” in Tagalog, is a collection of transmissions for and by people from the equator. Iris Ferrer, Kent Chan and Julian Abraham ‘Togar’ together generate forms of temporary heat wherein sonic and other sensorial connections among the experiences of cultural migrants can be sought and found.